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Episode 125: How to Parent Through Trauma with Stephanie Duesing

Posted on October 18th, 2022

This week we are back into the parenting sphere. We have Stephanie Duesing joining us, a mother who is also a former music teacher and now an author as well. She is going to tell us a unique story about her son and his experience with visual impairment and their journey to find answers. I think there will be much that we can learn from this story as parents and as people.

She not only parented through this challenging time but also wrote a book about the experience called “Eyeless Mind: A Memoir About Seeing and Being Seen” which was a finalist in the Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year Contest in 2020.

Find out more on www.stepanieduesing.com

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As always, this podcast is based on experiences and should not be construed as medical or professional advice. Please speak with your own medical professional.



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